OCTOFORCE: The Paradigm Experiment

Category: Platformer, Adventure, Shooter
Game Play: Side Scrolling & Mode 7 Simulation
Story Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Thriller, Mecha
File Size: n/a
Engine: Gamemaker Studio
Compatibility: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Changes Screen Resolution: yes
Full Screen: Yes
Download link: engine demo here
Music: music demo here


OCTOFORCE is a series of retro and modern video games being developed by Silicon Sorcery Studios involving sci-fi plots, aerial combat, mecha fighters, and story-driven events.

What is The Paradigm Experiment?

The Paradigm Experiment is a story-driven 2D game that incorporates mobile suits(piloted mecha robots), cybernetic zombies, metallic monsters, Mode 7 Simulation and side scrolling platforms.

The Paradigm Experiment will be a trilogy (three games) that revolves around an intense sci-fi story about love, loss, betrayal, military affairs, mecha fighters, nano-machines, astrophysics, alternate realities, inter-dimensional travel, multiple universes, the meaning of existence, and a theory about how information affects our sense of reality.

The player starts out playing a female pilot, Commander Starjewel. Her mission: to find out what has been going on at a technologically advanced world. This mission and the answers waiting for the group of mecha fighters known as 'OCTOFORCE' become the driving force of an epic battle to save humanity from a nightmare that warps the fabric of reality.

Game Concept

Certainly, you have heard of The Transformers....

But, have you ever heard of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gasakari, or Neon Genesis Evangelion?

All of those cartoons/anime revolve around mecha (robots) but what separates the latter three is that they were cartoons about mobile suits ('robots piloted by people') as opposed to robots that were self aware.

Have you ever played a mobile suit game?

You might have since the introduction to 3D gaming several mecha and mobile suit games have arrived on the market with varying degrees of success.

Would you like to play a mobile suit game that was designed for platforming and side scrolling??

Back in the day there were only a few true side scrolling mobile suit games, like Metal Warriors for SNES.

We have a nearly finished top down and side scrolling game engine for a mobile suit game. Yes, a top down, side scrolling, and 1st person mobile suit game!

This is the game that mecha and mobile suit fans wish had come out in the 80's and 90's during the early NES and SNES era.

Game Elements

Why would gamers want to play OCTO FORCE?

Aside from a load of incredible artwork....(featured at our site).

OCTOFORCE has all of the common elements, functionality, and movement that is expected in modern games, such as:
  • A slick easy to use weapon-changing system
  • Transitions between human movement and machine movement during game play
  • Realistic (360 degree) Sprite Movement
  • Functioning Radar Systems
  • Complex AI
  • Complex Weapons
  • Sprites that talk to you (with voice) throughout the game

OCTOFORCE also many elements that are not commonly seen in modern games, such as:
  • Jet Fighters (sprites) that move like real aircraft (no stopping and no backward movements) creating a higher level of difficulty and realism
  • 'transformable' mecha fighters that convert into jets, tanks, turrets, and amphibian craft
  • WWII-style Dog Fighting like you would find in a simulator ('Run N Gun' and you won't live long!)
  • A vast number of levels: like we said OCTOFORCE is a trilogy (three games) and the first game is roughly 21 levels.
  • View Points that change during game play (Top Down, Side Scrolling, and Mode 7 Simulation)
  • Feature film Special FX that warp the graphics pipeline.
  • Action-packed movie-like fight scenes that happen during game play
  • Deep, emotional, and well thought out dialogue and story-driven events
  • Slick trance and heavy metal music

Level Design:

The First Game, 'The Paradigm Experiment' has three acts.

While all of the acts are connected by the story, each act is unique in its game play, objectives, and intensity.

While there are different objectives in each level, the game is played straight-through, from one level to the next.

Act 1 – The Arrival

When the player starts out the player is given a choice of three uniquely different mecha fighters.
Three of the levels in The Arrival are purely action levels where the player must survive against razor sharp odds in WWII-style combat with a top view.

Four of the levels in The Arrival have areas that require keys and switches to activate passages and powerful robot guardians in a series of side scrolling areas that intersect with areas that use Mode 7 Simulation to create a fake 3D effect similar to F-ZERO and Mario cart.

Act 2 – MIA

In ACT II the player uses a different character, Commander Lancer.

The player has to figure out what happened to Commander Starjewel, which disappeared at the end of Act I and then assess whether or not she is fit to finish her mission.

The player has access to three different fighters than what the player used in Act I.

Three of the levels are adventure / mystery styled levels which are primarily side scrolling.

However to move from one area to the next the player has to fly (top down view).

The next 4 level are a mad dash...

After, finding Commander Starjewel and finding out 'what has really been going on' the player has to survive a brutal onslaught of assassination attempts and mob attacks while trying to get back to where the player last seen the missing character.

Act 3 – Escape

Final Reckoning...

“The secret is out. Commander Lancer must not be allowed to leave while he is still human.”

There is left to say... There is nothing left to do...but live or die as all of humanity hangs in balance.

Our hero, Commander Lancer, must risk everything to save the people he cares about and escape a mad world, filled with robotic zombies that merge flesh and bone with metal and silicon.

Possible Character Sprite Designs

***As you can see we are trying out different character designs.

Game Development


The game's engine is 80% complete

The level designs are 40% complete

The sprites are 40% complete

The backgrounds are 5% complete

Game Play

The Paradigm Experiment has three different game modes


The game's story takes place in the year 53XX. At the beginning of the game the player will arrive on a distant, technologically advanced, utopian planet that is in danger of being taken hostage by a group of rebel scientists and ex-military personnel. But their motives might not be what it seems.

The basic objective is to get through each level by defeating all of the enemies in your path and tripping all of the switches to activate the doors to each new level.


The basic objective is to get through each level by defeating all of the enemies. With no story lines or adventure-based obstacles (doors and switches).


The basic objective is to fight in combat against other jets or tanks or turrets using any of the fighter, tanks or turrets found throughout the game. In order for any fighter, turret, or tank (other than the three story types) to appear in the selection, the player must first fight them in the Story or Arcade mode.

The player's fighters do not move like a sprite in a shooter. The fighters moves a lot more like real life jet fighter. The fighters will not move in paths that are unrealistic to a real life jet fighter. For example, the fighters do not move on the X axis without moving on the y axis. When the player presses the S or D to turn, the fighter turns in an arc, like real aircraft. There is no stop, forward button, back, or reverse because in real life aircraft always move forward and never stop and never moves in reverse.

The game play incorporates all eight directions to allow the player total freedom of movement. The player will use three different views through out the game: from behind, side scrolling, and top down. Currently, only top down is offered in the demo. The player will be able to go back and forth between different areas.

*The controls can be found in the options menu inside the game*
UT-style Weapon Selection:

Switch weapons on the fly!
No game pauses or sub menus required!

We will be updating the HUD as the game development progresses.
The game will include three weapon types, each with a power up, over 20 weapons total, and six weapons at a time. A UT style HUD and 'on the fly' weapon selection. The player will have an increase-able amount of ammo for each weapon type. Plus armor upgrades, shields, radar, sonar, and stealth capabilities.

You can play the easy level and get a feel for the weapons or you can play the hard level and get a feel for the difficulty of the game.

Enemy Weapons:
Unlike most shooters and platformers—where the enemies have crappy weapons and hardly any abilities other than the bosses attack patterns, in OCTOFORCE the enemies will have every weapon and ability that the players has according to the difficulty of the area/level.

Enemy AI:
Most of the enemies will not blindly fly or walk around while you shoot at them. Some of the enemies will follow you and stalk you. Others will seek you out, directly. We are currently working on 14 different levels of AI. 6 are finished. Only four of them are included in the current demo.

The Mobile Suits
(Player Sprites)
The Lunar Zephyr

“The Lunar Zephyr is slower than other planes and no afterburner, but has much heavier weapons and armor.
With 2 gun turrets, 1 dual turret, 1 photon cannon, several bombs, and hovering mines.
The Lunar Zephyr can lock on up to 3 targets at one time.
Can add-on additional armor, radar, sonar, weapon upgrades, and advanced radar jamming technologies.”

The Pterodactyl Stealth Fighter

The Pterodactyl is perhaps the deadliest plane in the galaxy.

“Based on old stealth technology, the Pterodactyl Stealth Fighter has two gun turrets, 1 pulse cannon, bombs, and hovering mines, mid level armor, afterburners and great acceleration...
The Pterodactyl can lock onto a max of 3 targets.
Can add-on additional armor, radar, sonar, weapon upgrades, and advanced radar jamming technologies.”

As a mecha the Pterodactyl has the mid grade weapons, armor and a shield.
The Assassin

“Based on new stealth technology and top secret maneuvering projects, the XteC Spy Plane has the fastest flight record of any plane.
To some people the Assassin is too dangerous to pilot.

With 2 gun turrets, hovering mines.

The XteC has a minimal payload and light weight armor, but is extremely fast and agile and can sneak up and lock on to any single target, anywhere, at anytime.

Can add-on weapon upgrades.

Is completely invisible to radar.”

Enemies (some of them)
Jet Fighters
*These are some of the enemy fighters that have reached the prototype stage.


Crescent Boom:

The Sorcerer


Galaxy Fighter

Some of the Enemy Bosses

The Sting Ray

The Arch Angel

The Saucer

Game Release

has not been decided, yet.
When the game is ready to be purchased it will be available on Steam, Dlstie.com, Amazon, itch.io, and Google Play.
Linux, Apple, Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10
Beta Testing:
When the game is almost finished we will be seeking 10 people for beta testing.
Each tester will receive a free copy of the game for roughly 4 hours of testing and reporting.

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