Thursday, February 26, 2015

As you might have guessed we now have two games...

As you might have guessed, we now have two games that we are making simultaneously.


Pixel Destiny

Pixel Destiny is a much shorter project and will most likely be completed in a few weeks.  For more details on our second upcoming game be sure to see Pixel Destiny's page on our blog.

Dark Knight #1 is now 95% finished

This will be his talking and idle stance.


Updated Dark Knights

Not colored yet, but we're getting there.

Yes, we realize that some of the helmet's are to big. We are making adjustments. It's a work in progress.

Some of the possible knights for Pixel Destiny

Several Knights have been outlined. They are a work in progress.
We want a total of 12.

Male Dark Knights

Male White Knights

Female Dark Knights
Female White Knights