Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Planned Actions

“If your enemy is superior, evade him. If angry, irritate him. If equally matched, fight, and if not retreat and reevaluate.” – – Sun-tzu, the Art of war

Life comes down to having and using the right strategy at the right time.
But to know what the right strategy is, you have to have an accurate view of reality.
Our view gives us a philosophy; a set of beliefs.
But not a religious or spiritual philosophy; rather, a set of beliefs regarding about how the world works and how we should interact with it.

A philosophy about how the world works is founding principles of any strategy.

Most people don't study their philosophies, (they take for granted the validity of their own beliefs) because they don't see any connections because their beliefs and their actions and the consequences of those actions. Mostly, they are too busy entertaining themselves or putting the blame on someone else.

Being Philosophical leads to a better strategy...because a philosophy (a set of beliefs) is what we use to make strategies. When our philosophies are not in line with reality, our strategies suck. Planned Actions are decided by a person who thinks about his or her strategy. Random Actions are not decided, have no strategy, purpose, or direction, but they do have consequences.

The reason we as humans plan our actions is because we want to tilt the odds of success in our favor.
Therefore, we have to think about our actions and put them into sequential order, based on a set of logic or reasoning that we believe is going to be successful. Our beliefs (philosophy) dictate what our reasoning or logic will be. When we are finished we will have an expectation.

So, we have to answer the basic questions about our Philosophy, which will lead to...
–--> Strategy ---> Methods ---> Actions ---> Results & Consequences.

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